by brandon devries

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released August 29, 2015

recorded between new glasgow and halifax, between 2012 and 2015




all rights reserved


bread press Halifax, Nova Scotia

baby tape label
ontario st
halifax, ns

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Track Name: drive safe
your touch would be electric if i wasn't made of wood
instead your lighting struck me and split me where i stood
i'll never hurt you in the way that i've been hurt by you
however unintentionally it may have been
every single resting thought i have is you
and i swear to fucking god that i wont ever leave again
what i've meant
how i've misspoken
i don't have the words to frame my intention
i'm gonna need you to trust me
i'm gonna need you
Track Name: love song
do you want to be in love?
or is this the feeling that you were sure you'd had enough of?
i don't want to make you sweat
if you want we can just forget it.
you let me in
but if you want you can take it back.
i swear i won't get mad.
i promise not to take it personal.
Track Name: love song
feeling the hum of your voice in my face
with my ear pressed against your chest
hearing the rumble of your words wrap around your lungs
and force their way into my head
i've no idea what you said but it felt good
Track Name: peach pit
we could kiss for a long time and i wouldnt get bored
i hate the way my body is, but not with yours
i wanna be light breathing on your window
i wanna be smoke hanging on your clothes
if i could not exist except as a cloud or as mist
i would choose that, i would lose my
leave it like a peach pit
Track Name: guardian force
yeah, you make me smile even when i'm rotten
and when i'm bitter like grapefruit you stay sweet
and i like you all the time
after all night drives
after months apart
ive spent the last few weeks
just dreaming of your thighs
i think that you should drop by
and that our hands should entwine
and that your fingers look nice
when they are interlocked with mine
Track Name: shower song
lie back, wet your head
the water as a friendly hand
as a weird baptism
let your sorrows settle
to the bottom of the bath
let your eyes fall shut
let your breathing steady
you can cry if you'd like to
i'm not sure if i'm a comfort
but i'm okay to wait
just let me know if you need anything
anything at all
Track Name: popular song
when you told me you spent the night in her bed
i wasnt worried by what you said
when you told me you loved her instead
i should have been upset but i wasnt
should have been mad but i didnt think to be
but now in at most three days
youll be thinking how you wish you'd never met me
and in a year or so
youll realize how i've always been ugly
i know it's been hard for you but youre tougher than you look
Track Name: anything goes
anything goes!
spit in your dad's face!
swap secondhand books!
share needles with strangers!
anything goes!!
anything goes!!!!!!