DEMO 2008

by goldbloom

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released April 20, 2015

recorded 13/3/15 in kirk's basement
cover art by henry murphy




all rights reserved


bread press Halifax, Nova Scotia

baby tape label
ontario st
halifax, ns

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Track Name: mess
it's so weird that what amounted to nothing more than a mess of red water nearly fucked us over. and you know i wouldnt put a bend in my spine trying to dodge the bullet, but honestly i'm still a child. i miss you so much, but it's probably better we don't keep in touch.
Track Name: blue ribbon
things would be great if i could learn to shut my dumb mouth once in a while. this drunken stumbling tongue keeps pushing words out, if it could sober up i'd be fine. through all the slurred verbs and nouns and adjectives, my objective was not and never will be to make you nervous. you know that i put too much thought into almost everything, and i know
well, do i know anything at all?
Track Name: $100
i hope you cut yourself shaving. i hope you bleed out. i hope that it gets infected and all of your skin falls off and you're left with your bones, fucking sad and alone. and when you call me upset i dont pick up the phone and you feel lonely. i know youre not stupid, i dont know why you do it. when we were fucking it felt like a dream, why did you have to get so mean?
Track Name: honey
honey, i'm slower than most. but that doesnt mean i'll be a weight to try and make you match my pace. i've had my turn being a burden. i'm not that strong, but i think i'd like to be someday.
Track Name: i hate
just forget about the money that you owe. do what you want, put it up your nose. if you gave me a ring i wouldnt know what to do with it. marry who you want, i don't give a shit. i could be what you wanted for a while, but you got tired. i tried to keep from laying down but youre a child. your legs got bored of being tangled up with mine. i'll see you and your wife when you move here in the fall. marry who you like, i don't care at all.